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Visual Identity For Female Entrepreneurs that are serious about building a business where they are seen as a leader, an influencer and an authority in their industry. For the ones that want to make their mark in the world, be the game-changer in their market and leave a legacy of value.

“The Best Luxury Services Are Customized, Not Standardized”

As the definition of luxury continues to evolve in this era of digital immersion, we remain confident that no two clients are the same, and as such our Contemporary Branding subscription programs are all custom designed for each client. 

Essentially, we cater to the digital marketing needs of our clients and we are dedicated to providing the best value for your investment.

Please contact us to check availability, custom pricing and a proposal detailing how AVA can enhance your current Online Visual Identity.

Each program has a minimum commitment of 1 year so that clients can accurately evaluate the results of utilizing our program.

Custom Contemporary Branding Program – Prices starts at just $35,000 USD per year.

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Whether you're flying solo, or collaborating as part of a team,
there's no limit to what you can create using our flexible subscription plans.

Simplify your process with a subscription.

Billed Monthly
Billed ANNUALLY (SAVE 19%)

Rising Star


Starts at / Per Quarter
Billed Annually

Every quarter you receive

  • A One-Day Shoot
  • 1 Story
  • Up to 40
    Custom Branded Visual Assets
The RISING STAR Branding Package was designed for new companies or those doing a rebrand, to provide powerful images that capture the heart and soul of your business.
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Most Popular



Starts at / Per Quarter
Billed Annually

Every quarter you receive

  • A One-Day Shoot
  • 3 Stories
  • Up to 80
    Custom Branded Visual Assets
  • 1 Complimentary Website Design Service (Squarespace)​
With the INFLUENCER Branding Package, position yourself as an Influencer in your niche market and be the go-to person for your prospects and clients, media and partners.
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All Star


Starts at / Per Quarter
Billed Annually

Every quarter you receive

  • A Two-Day Shoot
  • 5 Stories
  • Up to 160
    Custom Branded Visual Assets
  • 1 Complimentary Website Website Design Service (Squarespace or WordPress)
The ALL STAR Branding Package will set you apart from everyone else in your industry, quickly and easily giving you instant credibility to jump leaps and bounds in front of your competition. It's the ultimate done-for-you brand image solution.
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*This price is subject to additional charges for production expenses. You’ll be able to review these charges in your account before each shoot.

Hot Offer

Not looking for a subscription? We offer single project licenses for every service in our catalog.

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Perpetual, Worldwide, Unlimited

Our license grants you Perpetual, meaning there is no expiration or end date on your rights to use the content. Worldwide, meaning content can be used in any geographic territory. Unlimited, meaning content can be used an unlimited number of times. Any and all media, meaning content can be used in print, in digital or in any other medium or format. Non-Exclusive, meaning that you do not have exclusive rights to use the content. AVA can use the same content for its own marketing and promotional pieces.

If you would like exclusive rights for your content, please contact AVA to discuss a buy-out.

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Highly Qualified Barbers

Since our launch in 2014, we’ve aimed to elevate women’s branding, one market at a time. With creative teams serving vibrant communities coast to coast, AVA Creative Agency is now the country’s first Luxury Boutique Branding Agency dedicated to women.


- Dallas, TX- Santa Barbara, CA- Portland, OR
- Los Angeles, CA- New York, NY- Atlanta, GA
- Chicago, IL- Miami, FL- Sacramento, CA
- Salt Lake City, UT- Provo, UT- Orange County, CA
- Denver, CO- Seattle, WA- San Francisco, CA
- Austin, TX- Houston, TX- San Diego, CA
- San Antonio, TX- Las Vegas, NV- Malibu, CA


Montreal, QC & Vancouver, BC





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Have a question?

Have a query? Please check this question and answers

Let’s find out.

Are you a Realtor, Lawyer, Health or Healing Practitioner, Professional Services Consultant, Author, Keynote Speaker, or Business Owner of a micro, small or medium-sized business? Do you identify as an online creator? Are you a blogger, podcaster, Youtuber, maker, course creator, freelancer, coach, musician, or photographer? Do you make digital or physical products, provide services, build software, or have ads, sponsorships, or affiliate products and market or sell those things online?

If you answered yes to ANY of those descriptors, then yes, AVA’s Luxury Contemporary Branding Membership is designed for someone just like you.

Good question. AVA offers three main membership plans: RISING STAR, INFLUENCER, and ALL STAR. Whether you’re just starting out, growing your business, or already working on dominating your industry, we have an option that fits your branding and marketing needs. We also offer a Pay As You Go alternative, as well as add-on services that you can use to supplement your plan.

In choosing your package, think about how much visual assets you use in your marketing efforts

If you are really starting from scratch (with blogging, online business, basically all of it) then we recommend the RISING STAR plan. You have access to all of the fundamentals plus a quarterly story, but with half the visual assets than the INFLUENCER plan.

The INFLUENCER plan is best If you’re ready to take your work to the next level with your audience clearly defined. Helps you increase brand exposure, build authority, and connect with new audiences using more visual assets.

You’re ALL STAR once you have a strong influence on a brand’s industry or target audience,  it’s time to start thinking about scaling your marketing and content campaigns to turn your customers into organic influencers.

Here’s our pricing breakdown: Creative Fees + Licensing Fees + Production Expenses = Total Price. excl Tax*

Creative Fee: This is simply AVA’s Cost of Doing Business (CODB) plus the unique quality we bring to the job — the price we put on our creative work. It is already embedded in our pricing.

Licensing Fee: This fee is determined by how the client is using the photographs. Typically, the larger the audience for a specific use, the higher the usage or licensing fee. Also already embedded in our pricing as a fair flat fee. Our license grants you Perpetual, Worldwide, Unlimited, Non-Exclusive, rights to your content.

Production Expenses: Rates are subject to change based on the scope of the project. Your needs will depend on the project at hand, but it is important to consider the following. (Locations, permits/releases – Talent booking – Tech Scout/Location Scouting Day – Pre-pro day – Styling Expenses – Prop/Set Designer – Mileage, Parking, Misc – Prop/Set Designer – Hair/Makeup Stylist …). We will provide you with an estimate before each shoot.


Whether it’s a promotional video, an Instagram campaign, a product explainer or even a tour of your new digs, your brand has a story to be told. We’re visual storytellers who know how to tell it. We’ll create a commercial-quality video, from the location of your choice. You can customize any of our membership plans to cover your video needs.

Our team can develop the strategy, produce the creative, and tactically distribute your story in a way that breaks through with consumers, anywhere in the world—taking your message from the biggest stages to the smallest mobile-screens…and beyond.

Yes! One of the perks of being a Luxury Boutique Branding Agency we have a first class support team who can answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Just click on the “messenger” icon on the bottom of any of our web pages and you will be in touch with your designated creative director.

We accept all major credit cards, cash, and (in select countries) direct debit. We also support transactions in a range of currencies.

Yes we do. The Pay As You Go Plan is a flexible alternative to a Membership Plan. Instead of paying a yearly or recurring monthly charge, you only pay when you want to use our Contemporary Branding services for project based Branding Photoshoot, Environmental Portraiture, Creative Headshots, Folio, Social-ready Video, etc. The Pay As You Go Plan doesn’t come with the same set of features as our Memberships plan though. This plan works best for occasional, infrequent or inconsistent needs. To learn more about the features included and find out how it works or everything related to pricing please book a free discovery call with our creative director.

If you’re not yet a member, you can start a quick chat up here, or Request a FREE Discovery Call here and a member of our team will reach back to you. If you’re already a member, contact via email your previous assigned Creative Director who can help you figure out the best way to use our creative platform to elevate your brand.

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I appreciate that AVA is no-nonsense and straightforward like me. They get in, get the job done, and get out without a lot of fussing. I hate fussing. When I need help, they are there to help me, and, so far, I get what I need when I need it. It’s a terrific service at a fair price.
Isabel J. Palmer
Editor, Author, Spiritual Coach, Yoga and Mindfulness Teacher
When I first started AVA's All Star membership, I was dreading doing things like cold calling and door knocking that other realtors do. Now I know EXACTLY how to communicate to my audience! AVA has given me a way to consistently attract clients with a strong visual identity. The marketing strategies are truly easy to implement. And they work! I cannot thank you enough. You’ve helped me become more organized and confident in working with home buyers and sellers, as well as focused on the type of business I want to cultivate.
Teresa W. Alvarez
REALTOR®, Luxury Homes Keller Williams
I couldn’t be happier with my decision to use AVA to elevate my brand’s visual identity! they were so easy and quick to communicate with and the quality of their work is unbeatable. I was super overwhelmed trying to do my branding and they jumped in there and created the exact vision that I saw for my brand. I am so grateful to have found them!
Beverly E. Heffner
Podcast Host, Life Coach, Creative Mentor, Keynote Speaker
AVA really helped me with the Influencer Branding membership, integrating my ideas and visual identity perfectly. They are super communicative and hands on with you, which really was the biggest reason why I was able to proudly launch my social media campaign for my new product line!
Karissa L. Hester
Actress, Photographer, Videographer, Online Course Creator
I have hired freelancers and small agencies in the past, but they all underperformed in relation to their work product or outlook. With AVA, I felt a full-on commitment to my personal branding, as if I was your only client for a year. This feeling was immeasurable, and one that I truly appreciated. Working with you was a great investment and one I plan to keep renewing. I'm enjoying compliments and confidence! I was really delighted by the support I received quarter after quarter. If you're on the fence about who to hire for your branding or visual identity, just schedule a consultation...then decide!
Ileana G. Cowen
International Corporate Lawyer
I loved working with Adonis. I’m glad I’ve made the decision to subscribe to the Influencer Branding Membership for my online branding. I don’t have much time and Adonis answered all my questions and helped me create a strong online visual presence quickly and efficiently.
Tanya I. Downs
Award-Winning YouTube Creator, Professional Speaker, Best Selling Author
The AVA team is awesome and very responsive to all my requests. I have being enjoying making videos and improving my skills as I go. I have been a corporate financial professional being more attached to numbers than people for years and the AVA Membership has pushed my boundaries and taught me a totally different way to do business.What I have discovered, is the exponential power of people skills and relationships.
Maria K. Reddy
Virtual CFO, Financial Planner and Coach
Personally, I don't think you can effectively convey the story of your business without having the branding, website design, and copywriting walk hand-in-hand with one another. The fact that you provided an integrated solution and understand the value of the interplay between those three elements ultimately resulted in a cohesive "narrative" that I can be proud of. I love that you freely share your wisdom, expertise, and resources! If you're looking for an end-to-end solution that can translate your brand into something beautiful and practical, AVA Creative Agency is the way to go.
Laurie K. Walker
Author, Executive Coach, Motivational Speaker for Professional Women Who Feel Stuck in Their Jobs
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A million ways to tell your story


AVA’s Luxury Contemporary Branding Membership is revolutionary because it can have a substantial impact on your bottom line. We’re all about helping women understand how to best leverage their visual assets. Hundreds of female business owner have made six figures using our services in their marketing system.

Our end-to-end custom solutions—from creative headshots and collections of social-first assets to full-scale environmental portraiture and video productions—help your brand standout and drive the results you want. With AVA’s Luxury Contemporary Branding custom solutions, the creative possibilities are limitless.

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Get real-time assistance from an AVA creative director right on your computer or mobile device.

Schedule a 15 min Free Discovery Call

You can schedule a time for us to call you at your convenience.


For more straightforward questions — about pricing, for instance — send us an email and we’ll quickly reply with a solution.

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